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Doctors IPA provides comprehensive collaborative planning bringing your advisors together to provide tax advice in an annual and proactive planning environment.  By discovering and implementing Profit Centers to enhance revenues without have to see one additional patient, adding tax advantaged strategies to pay for Goods & Services and containing operating costs, our members enjoy immediate and significant increases in cash flow as well as increasing EBITDA allowing them to sell their practices and businesses for higher multiples of EBITDA in today’s Private Equity environments.  

Most taxpayers are on “autopilot” when it comes to income taxes.  The send data to their tax preparer who puts the data on a return and sends it back to the taxpayer who then pays taxes to file or extend the return. They probably pay taxes quarterly estimated taxes and pay additional taxes to ultimately file the return or extension. They may be subject to penalties and interest and if there is an overpayment will usually apply the overpayment to the next year’s taxes which essentially is an interest free loan to the US Treasury.  

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"These are high quality people providing a high quality service with an open friendly nature and who don’t disappear after winning your business! "

Our tax system in the US is a layered tax.  It starts at a base, then adds additional layers and ultimately all net tax ends up on the taxpayer’s return subject to the higher personal rates without proactive planning.


This is totally avoidable with proactive and legal tax planning.  Specifically, you only need to pay income tax on what you consume personally.  Everything else can be moved to more efficient taxpayers and either taxed at a lower fixed rate or flow completely tax free.

Your membership in Doctors IPA entitles each doctor in practice to a complete, comprehensive review without cost or obligation.


Our experts help you determine the right planning to meet your needs based on your desires and situation. We provide all plan designs, presentations and product information without cost or obligation to you.

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