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Our members have access to savings on life insurance, disability insurance
and annuities through our preferred vendor


Our IPA membership is granted discounted tiers reserved for organizations of 5,000 employees or more. Only the top 5% of U.S. organizations can achieve this type of pricing and we make this the cornerstone of the Doctors IPA. Click on the members button below to join today.

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"We have provided Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Annuities for over 25 years."

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We have been providing life insurance, disability insurance and annuities to the high net worth market for over 25 years. We are extremely proficient in designing plans that take advantage of the tax laws to reduce the after-tax cost to our clients. Our wide industry affiliations provide us with high-level access to insurance companies, markets and products.

Your membership in Doctors IPA entitles each doctor in the practice to a complete, comprehensive insurance review without cost or obligation.




We offer life insurance products and services from more than 50 of the most competitive, financially secure carriers in the United States. Products include universal life, indexed universal life, second-to-die life, term and whole life. We cover the entire spectrum of the life insurance market. A complete product portfolio, coupled with extremely proficient underwriting associates, provides clients with the lowest cost options available.




Individuals with very high incomes have great difficulty obtaining disability income insurance benefits for amounts over $10,000 per month. We have plans that can provide up to a $250,000 per month benefit, or up to a $10,000,000 lump sum career-ending benefit. Many of these high-limit plans are offered on a guaranteed issue basis. Couple this advantage with the Doctors IPA VEBA and get a tax deduction for the premium costs and receive the benefits on an income tax free basis! This is unprecedented!




You can rely on us to help you create the guardrails that safeguard your retirement journey. We offer annuities from 29 of the most competitive, financially stable annuity carriers. Annuity types offered include fixed annuities, multi-year guaranty (CD) annuities, fixed index annuities, single premium immediate annuities and deferred income annuities.

Our experts can help you determine the right product to meet your annuity needs based on your desires and situation. We provide all plan designs, presentations and product information without cost or obligation to you.

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