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Save on a list of investment and mortgage services as a member of Doctors IPA


Doctors IPA offers its members discounts on investments and mortgages that can amount to thousands of dollars in savings over years of membership. To learn about our membership process, we invite you to click on the members button below.

doctors ipa

"For us, Success is about helping You reach your goals, not a number."

Vendor Information is reserved for members only

Members may click the ‘Members’ button below to login.

To inquire about information on becoming a member, click the ‘Request a Quote’ button below.

Your financial life is not just about markets and returns. It’s about you and your family, and your priorities at every stage of life. You’ll have questions along the way and we’re here to help you find the answers.

This is all about you, from what you hope to achieve to what keeps you up at night. Prioritize what’s important with this interactive experience. Your financial advisor is here to help you consider all your priorities and maybe even uncover a few new ones.

After you answer a few simple questions, we will provide you with a personalized set of resources. We look forward to meeting you!

​Here are just a few services that you can save on as a Doctors IPA member:

  • Home Mortgages

  • Investment and Retirement Accounts

  • Brokerage Accounts

  • Alternative Investments

  • Jumbo Loans

See what else you can save on as a member of Doctors IPA
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